XAlps – waiting for the start in Salzburg

Oh, it’s raining… Thats right, we’re in Austria!
Actually had a flight today, less than an hour but still the equal longest of my last month in Europe! An xalps athlete I spoke to said he’d had a similar experience in the last few weeks. While some locals of unverified integrity said they’d seen the sun today, it was basically unstable and overcast. The mountains I’d visited two weeks ago were invisible as showers faded into the murk.

Shades of green, shades of grey (flying Gaisberg)

Still, a nice flight and some practice at working light lift. Some friendly locals took me up for a refly and I took my reward with wingovers into the landing paddock.
Back into town where I met up with James again, he’d escaped the valley of doom and gloom and we pondered if it was still raining there, and if xalps athletes can be forgiven for wearing tights. How do they keep warm? Well, pod harnesses for their lower body, and comp wings to keep their upper body moving!
Post script: blue sky today. No, really!!

Post post script (a few months later!):

We had a fantastic flight getting high above the Gaisberg with some of the XAlps athletes, before landing to our prearranged 2pm meeting with a friendly local, Robert, who took us to Bischling for some spectacular flying…. a marked improvement to the last few weeks’ weather!

Bischling (Werfenweng), south of Salzburg

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