To Ager, an xc site in the Spanish Pyrenees

Leaving Organya

Worked out well – after a successful ‘reverse siesta’ to work around very late Spanish partying hours (the Organya town fiesta being a good way to end a fourth day of hanging out with acro pilots), I woke, showered, and after a quick Internet check headed into town. The supermarket opened and I had a pain au chocolat and croissant for breakfast, still hot. Then walking out onto the main road a once daily bus literally stopped beside me (coincidence), which is now taking me most of the way to Ager. So I’ll get a good headstart with the hitching!

Then, after a walk through town the very first car (young Polish students / workers) picks me up. A few km out from Ager a parapent is spotted and we stop within a stones throw of the windsock!

Free Internet while I waited for the shuttle to the mountain, and hot as usual. On take off it was windy but fine, although many were struggling with their canopies all over the place – those diehard Euros with their brake control method! In the air my video camera promptly died (battery, left on???) and the vario was wacko too, along with the usual incorrect scaling of lift (measured against GPS and accumulated height gain), it also was out in altitude by around 700 metres. The air in front of the top cliffs was occasionally very sinky and a few times I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to push out in front of the lower cliffs. Not real high in swirly air so I thought it wise not to use bar, and wondered if comp pilots ever have these issues – the world champs is here next week.

Finally I got up to 2500m or so, not far from cloud base. Unfortunately though the sky was very sultry, with some overdevelopment threatening to the north, and the sky above and to the west completely overcast and difficult to assess.
Rather than risk continuing to fly, not to mention a long glide over dry hilly country, I landed at the campground, checked in, and had a hot lunch.


Launch at Ager

Flying over Ager

Laying down in the afternoon heat I tried to get some rest, dozing off in the van to launch can’t be a good look! Later after finding the swimming pool I wandered into town, reminicent of South America, the feint lingering smell of sewerage. Quite romantic in that Latin way!


Ager village

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