Red Bull X-Alps 2019 day 7

Day 7 began with heavy rain until I got going at 8am. A beautiful hike and glide up the Inn valley in cloudy conditions just before the next rain – then a long walk to the Flüela Pass, where the sky began to brighten up – and I enjoyed a flight down to the Davos turn point 6 in the sunshine. Up to an evening take off in a hurry but things deteriorated – just a couple of more glides to find a camp above the Rhine, near Chur.

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Some #meteorology for the #weather aficionados. This post rain cloud forms as falling raindrops cool and moisten the air. The classic way to measure humidity is to compare the wet bulb temperature – a sock around the thermometer dipped in water which evaporates just like a raindrop, cooling and moistening it by a certain amount. If the air is already 100% humid then net evaporation is zero and the temperature will be the same as the dry bulb. Not a good day to hang out the washing (not sure how mum and Ben plan to dry the tents!) Otherwise a table of values derived from complicated thermodynamics can find the relative humidity. Advanced: Air that has been thoroughly moistened in this way has a lapse rate of about 6.5 Celsius cooler per kilometre altitude gained, compared to 10 C/km for non saturated air as we experience when we thermal (until cloud base at 100% relative humidity). Does this knowledge help for #redbullxalps ? Keeps me entertained while walking up another hill! Disclaimer: since cloud formation some sink on the mountain sides has formed a circulation to make the cloud congregate over the valley. Clouds are always morphing from one thing to another…

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Another kiwi visits Davos:

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