Can’t we all just get along?
If you would like to use my photos or content please let me know. Usually a link to my site is the polite thing to do.
If something I’ve posted seems upsetting, incriminating, or just not quite right please let me know.
Thanks to all the people who have helped me on my adventures. Sometimes I think a smile and cheery hello makes a world of difference in influencing a positive interaction with strangers. Seems to work anyway!
Of course I needn’t tell you flying is potentially dangerous! Usually not life threatening if you do your harness buckles up and avoid smacking into a high cliff but broken backs (please, get your feet out!) are far too common. If you’re silly enough to do this yourself, be a responsible pilot, find a good instructor, keep improving your wing and weather skills, read Cross Country, make sure your backcountry skills and gear are up to scratch for the mountains, and don’t blame me – take care of yourself so you can keep having fun out there!